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October 9th Morning Commute

I did take a photograph this morning, on the ride up, but it does not seem to be there now.  I'll add it if it is just somewhere out there in the ether, shifting from my phone to the cloud, like the chocolate bar in Willy Wonka.

I forgot to record my ride home yesterday; I was running late.  But that's OK because it's the same commute as always.

Our porch thermometer read 48 degrees this morning, so it was probably a little colder than that - still a very pleasant temperature for a ride uphill.  Again the sun was sending beautiful bands of pink light up from behind the mountain against a backdrop of robin's egg blue.

I tend to go back and forth about wearing a helmet.  Philosophically, I fall on the side of not wearing a helmet, and I buy all the arguments for the overall group safety of doing so.  I also know, from an individual standpoint, that if my individual head were to hit a curb without my individual helmet, it could kill me.  But life is dangerous.  Stepping i…

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